Year 3 Visual Communication Brief

On my first day back of third year we got a first brief to re - work an ad campaign, we have to create a unique piece of visual communication to refresh an old campaign. So we need to research and select an older existing campaign refresh with our own unique visual voice. We need to be well informed with research and analysis, scribing everything in our sketchbooks. The campaign can be either a once popular campaign that needs re-designing, it can be international or national campaign, or even an awareness campaign rather than a marketing (or selling) campaign.

Maybe the older campaign was inappropriate considered inappropriate at the time of the publication, it could have been deliberately or accidentally controversial to the point of damaging the brand? And could have simply gone out of date or no longer relevant for this year. The brief says that we should start researching political, product, service or awareness campaigns. And we should consider other projects that have required an understanding of branding, target audience, advertising, information delivery and strong visual communication. Mark, our lecturer, showed us projects from a previous year. The most memorable project for me was one that featured an awareness campaign for protecting sea life from plastic. Before this project was shown to us I had the idea to improve an awareness campaign for a brand that I actively follow called 4Ocean, that helps clean up the ocean. I wanted to help this brand as I believe it is very important not only to me but for everyone else to know and concern themselves with. But so to not try and compete against this already created project and end up creating something similar, I have decided to go a different way. Although I would prefer go down the route of nature awareness campaigns I know that marketing an already existing brand or product could be a way that I go too. My favourite part of the project shown to us about sea life was the exhibition piece, about submerging us in plastic, and placing plastic overhead hanging down to make us feel how sea life live and show what we are doing to the see isn't a good thing. After doing some basic , I have found an awareness campaign that I believe I could do a lot with called climate coalition, that is against climate change and protecting the places you love from it. From this one campaign I am able to already think about ways to make my ideas come to life. One of those ideas is for an exhibition, a way to get people involved in protecting their favourite places. The company's dominant features are green hearts and green fingers as they plant many trees and make the place better. Another issue that I found that needed adjusting is Body Image however, looking back at many adverts from previous decades, body image wasn't as enforced as it is now. Although I am aware that this project is unlikely going to make it into the real world of design, but I would like it to make an impact. Whether the impact be on me, or whoever may see it. I hope that people whoever they may be see it and at least note that something should change, even if it's something small like picking up a bottle on the side of the path, to going on life-changing Adventures that improve many others quality of life, or something as simple as smiling to someone who is looking upset. Even company branding can help somebody with mental health issues or spreading awareness about natural disasters. Companies such as instagram, TheLADBible, FA and many more have supported campaigns that make a difference in mental health. FA created heads up, the aim was to generate the biggest conversation about mental health ever seen. Prince William was even the main spokesperson for the campaign. #HereForYou is a campaign created by instagram how to allow people to share their mental health journeys and connect with Communities of support, it allows Instagram users to talk about their past struggles with eating disorders, depression, suicidal thoughts and other struggles and illnesses. TheLADBible launched a 3 month social campaign called UOKM8? To raise awareness of mental health issues among men. It was inspired by the amount of men committing suicide under the age 45, and created a poll which showed that 37% of survey takers had at some point considered ending their life. Partnered with a range of charities to engage its' readers and get the men to talk to each other, the campaign launched with Everyday Heroes, a series of documentaries featuring many influential men talking about their own experiences with depression. The campaign reached over 38 million people.

Brand campaigns can be used improve our quality of life, not only to improve business. After seeing how badly we are treating, others ourselves and the world I wish to improve it. To improve how we treat each other. To improve the way we treat ourselves with respect and not see ourselves as a failure. And finally to improve our world and to create ourselves a green future. So that is why I would prefer to create a campaign that has the ability to change minds, to help or even make someone happy. That seems quite a lot of pressure to put on one module. 😁

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