Word of the Week- Writing

Definition: noun. the activity or skill of writing. or the activity or occupation of composing text for publication.

"You can make anything by writing" - C.S Lewis

When I think about writing I tend to think about written letters.- but that is mostly because I recently finished a book that was about finding some lost letters in a secret compartment in an old building. They were some love letters between two fictional historical figures who had a forbidden relationship.

This then reminded me about the coded love letters that were sent too and from a in-mate in prison and some spies. Everything that we know has been written down. Throughout history things have been written down. The oldest piece of writing in existence is the Sumerian Archaic (pre-cuneiform) and Egyptian hieroglyphics, they are generally considered the earliest true forms of writing systems. Ageing from around 3400 - 3100 BC with earliest coherent texts from about 2600 BC.

The earliest known piece of english text was recently found in a British Church in 2010. Nobody has been able to decipher it. It was thought to be scholars who wrote it on the church walls, they would have been executed. The writing was found behind a monument after it was temporary removed as part of the following schedule of work. The writing has since been covered up to keep it protected. I personally prefer written texts to typed. But that is not because it is typed, but because of the effort that you put into it. Many young teenagers don't write as much as they are constantly on their laptop. I love writing. But nothing such as large as stories or books. I do however have a novel that I have been trying to write for many years. When i'm on the phone talking to somebody or i'm watching a film and theres a paper and pen nearby. I pick out words that stands out to doodle as well as decorate it.

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