Word of the Week- Reflect

Definition: noun. The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. or a serious thought or consideration.

Reflecting on the past and finding what to do next is a good way to involve the Attic Theory.

"The time spent in self reflection is not wasted - it is an intimate date wit yourself" - Paul TP Wong

Is the attic theory true? Can our brain store only a limited amount of data? Yes, It is true that human brains can store only limited amount of data. We may not really feel it. As we start learning new things, older memories start getting suppressed so that newer memories can be stored. We start forgetting older things as we start filling our brains with newer things. This is one reason why the use of journals is an effective way to remember things. Scientologist Dr. Miller conducted an experiment in the 20th Century that proved that the brain can only think about seven things at a time. By reflecting on the things that happen can clear up the issues we may have.

The more reflection we do, the more we can start building up knowledge of what skills and abilities are the strengths we need to develop.

  We should then be seeking opportunities that help improve and develop our unique set of attributes. Think about what our experiences tell about our mindsets and skills.

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