Word of the Week- Future

Definition: noun. a period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come. or contracts for assets (especially commodities or shares) bought at agreed prices but delivered and paid for later.or adjective. at a later time; going or likely to happen or exist.

The Future is uncertain, not fixed, it can be changed by small things that you are doing, something as simple as looking out the window.

"The future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow." - Anonymous

I believe we have control over what may happen and how you do it, however, the overall future of everyone is the same. We are all part of a race, we are all going to cross the finish line, we may cross it before others. But that doesn't matter, what matters is how we get there. Your future is yours to choose. The future changes, Many possibilities, many futures, running along side this one. We change one simple thing do something different and the line of your future changes.

My future in a weeks time:

- I plan to create 2 new blog posts. It will be measured by Wednesday morning, I will look at my blog posts time frames and that will determine when the blog was posted. It is a simple task to do. - To create a template for my website for the group project. It will be easy to do as the template that I plan to make via code, I feel is not to difficult to create... but that is at the moment, when I have not done a lot.

- I need to call the opticians this week for an eye test!It can be measured by my phone call log. it is achievable as it can be done at anytime during daily working hours, It is not a timely goal but I would prefer it to be sooner rather than later.

My future in a years time:

- To have an up to date portfolio. It is measurable as it needs to be improved and updated by the end of next February. It is achievable if I add every project I do to my portfolio as I complete it. It is not a task that has a deadline as it is to be improved as I complete work after the year is up.

- To have a job. It is measurable as I plan to have a job that I enjoy by the end of the year and i'll know by then if I enjoy what I do. I plan to have a job soon and this will make it easier for me to know if I enjoy it. This is a timed task as I hope to have the job soon and this will also make my university experience 10x more enjoyable.

- To try new things and be more involved.This is not that measurable as it is to do with my experiences, rather than using hard proof that I have done the task. It is achievable and is something I try and do anyway as i try to follow the rule 'If you haven't tried it, how do you know if you don't like it?'. It is not a timed 'Quest' as it is not an easy one to measure.

My future at the end of Next year:

- To have a good placement for third year. The 3rd year is a placement year so it will have to be done before then. It is very reasonable as I am able to start looking now. It is a timed goal as I need to have it done by the end of the 2nd year of university.

- To do well at University. It is a measurable task as it involves my grades. It is also achievable as I just have to concentrate on my uni work and not procrastinate. It is timely as It is hard to have completed the work for the year after it has been marked.

My future in the next 10 years:

- To have a good job. It is measurable by the issue that I will have a job. It is achievable as I hope to do well in my 3rd year placement and get offered a job after. It is 10 years to achieve the goal so it will be reasonable. It is not on a time scale.

- To be a highly desired Graphic Designer. It will be measured by the job I will have, and it is achievable by being a good graphic designer. It is reasonable as I have 10 years to achieve it.

- To be in a stable relationship or Married. This one I have no control over and I do not wish for it to happen when I am not ready for it, therefore I shall not analyse it.

SWOT Analysis of -To have a good portfolio of work

My future will no doubtably be different from how I envision it.

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