Why Graphic Design?

What interested me last semester?

Last Semester for me was interesting as I enjoy many hands on activities so the thing I enjoyed the most was the workshops. even though I didn't take many, I thoroughly enjoyed them. The Workshop I most enjoyed was the ceramics. Drawing on the different mediums and using foam boards to create patterns.

That did I do in the past? - Graphic design at Charlton Secondary School and College

When I was in secondary school we were to pick a subject which we would like to study going into year 10. There was a choice of Music, Art, Media, Drama, Sport science and extra languages. I chose Media. The first year of the course was about women in the media and how they were represented as well as Men. One of the posters I analysed was the Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel.

This Poster shows male dominance even without one being in the image, as the bowler hat and the white shirt is being used to cover up. The position which Kiera Knightly is also a provocative position but is also very submissive. The direct eye contact she is making is to pull you, the 'reader' in. The darkness around her gives the whole poster as a whole look mysterious as well as the light gives focus to some areas, such as the shirt, and her face. The colour white that is the colour of the shirt is also the colour of innocence and purity, however in this case as it s a mans shirt the purity of the image has gone and it is a 'sexier' context. The perfume bottle is also the lightest item in the image, making it stand out. I also analysed it in more detail, as well as the Skyfall chase scene (on the top of the buildings), the creative style of Tim Burton to create our own film characters to create a story and an unrelated movie poster.

The second year was spent doing a whole campaign. This campaign was for a music artist or band, one we had to create. I chose to use my cousin as a model as my family were to have a Barbecue with them the following weekend. To view the work, click the image below.

This project was by far my favourite. I had to take Photos, create posters and cd covers. While I was researching I found that every music artist had a website. So I decided to create one for mine. As I did my Photography later than many others as my model was not in the same area as me, I decided to do something with the time I had spare and create a website. So I started to play with the features that I could use and I ended up with at basic outline of what I wanted it to be like. After my Teacher had seen what I was doing she said that I was doing a great job and told the class that I was following my initiative and that everyone should be like me and so all the class were then creating websites. This was something that I wasn't too happy about as this means that I wouldn't stand out as much as I would before. However soon got over this as I was then able to help people who were struggling with how to create it. By doing this I would also learn new things and be able to add it to my website, allowing me to improve it.

In College my creativity was mostly packed into one subject: Computer Graphics. This was only in the second year, the first year was about what was inside the computer and the history of different components and the different devices such as printers, projectors and cameras. The second year; was more creative as we made a DVD menu to advertise a course called Computer Games Development and drew an animation.I am rather proud of this work as it shows that I have developed myself as the time has progressed as most of the work I did was edited images but this work is drawn by hand with no use of images, except to use as references. To view the work, click the image below.

What made you want to be a graphic designer?

I was never aware of what it was called that what I wanted to do. I looked at Advertising, Marketing, Computer Graphics but I was never aware of what I was called. I knew from the moment I did the Music Artist Campaign that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life if I could. From the age of about 11 I wanted to be an artist among with many other careers that looked cool at the time but drawing was something that I had always enjoyed. I was always told that drawing as a career will get you nowhere. or I was asked "where will drawing get you in years to come?" I never had an answer, this also applied to many of the creative arts. When it came to choose the topics for the start of year 10 Media was the winner by default. It was my dad that said 'NO' to music, drama and art. so then it was Media, Languages or Sport Science. I couldn't so sport sciences, I was neither great at sports or science. And finally there was no chance i'd put myself through learning another language if I was adept with one and learning another. Two languages running through my head -okay- but three? No thank you! and so Media was the last one left.

We also weren't told or explained what Media was, it was just on the list that we could choose from. So with my fingers crossed that it wasn't something that I wouldn't understand. I walked in with an open mind. When the 2 year course was over I was really disappointed that it ended so I continued to create mock websites to improve myself. I finally realised that the name of the profession was a Graphic Designer when my dad showed me a website for a business, that handles the branding of companies. The company was handling the re-branding and web-design at the company my dad works for. The website shows what each package does and what you'd initially be paying for. one of the sections was graphic designer- designing your logo and branding.

What do you want to in your future?

This is what I want to happen to me after University: 1- After university I get a job in a Design Studio. This being a place that designs for many companies and the projects change often as the work is done. While the work is slow I'd also work as a Freelance Designer to places such as GoDaddy and Business firms, who hire freelance designers to help their clients if it is needed.

2- (If the first doesn't happen)After University i'd work for a company that has an in house graphic design team. I would help them with the design of the companies house branding. While the work is slow I'd also work as a Freelance Designer to places such as GoDaddy and Business firms, who hire freelance designers to help their clients if it is needed. After I have the experience and the clientele, as well as the money. I'd start my own company. It would be a studio style as that is the style i'd currently prefer. As I get more clientele I would hire more stall if I needed to.

This idea would be the cherry on the icing- I'd have on of the most famous Graphic design companies in the world!

>Impossible dream<

Everyone in the world has once had an impossible dream, and I don't mean the type where you drive your pet Elephant to work... no i'm talking about the "when I'm older I want to be a pop-star" type dreams. Mine Is to be a Famous Director, to do that you need a script- and thats something I can't do, write stories. But I do have the strangest dreams, so maybe...

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