Very Productive Day

Okay so maybe it wasn't so productive.

Our plan was:

- Wake up and get dressed

- Have Breakfast

- Do some work outside (Me and Mum take as many tree trunks out of the ground as possible in the back garden, while Dad built the footings for a wall in the front Garden)

- Have lunch- Continue working outside some more

- Clean up

- Have Dinner or tea whatever you'd call it.

- Watch a film or TV while dad falls asleep.

What we really did:

+ Woke up and got dressed

+ Had Breakfast

+ Did some work outside (that lasted about half an hour maybe an hour)

+ Got cleaned up and changed

+ Had lunch

+ Went to Percy Thrower's, a Garden Centre in Shrewsbury, (got an amazing new coat).

+ Had Dinner - or tea whatever you'd call it.

+ Watched a film and TV while dad falls asleep

+ Fall asleep on the couch while mum watches The FBI Files.

Technically we did do more than what we expected to do, but not in the way my dad had hoped...

Last year we had an extension on the back of the house, theres no need to go into that at the moment, but by doing that it also made mum want the garden to be the next part of the house to be decorated- or made in this case.

My dad is what my mum calls a 'Professional DIYer' meaning he can do basically anything that involves building, fitting or fixing something. But he wouldn't do the extension because he says "Im getting too old".

The garden however looks as though a bomb has hit it, but it is gradually being turned into the garden mum wants.

Though the lounge hasn't been decorated after the extension TWO years ago, there has been good excuses and explanations as to why. It's a lot of work.

Dad's tools are in the extended part of the lounge, the tools can't be moved until the new shed is built, and that can't happen until the garden is finished, as-well as Englands' weather stays sunny. But there is always about 70% chance it could rain.

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