212AAD Typography 2 - Brief Collecting

Today we collected our first Brief.

Our task is to design an Annual Report & Account. We are given a society or guild that we need to create the report for. The report must have an emphasis on typography and will need to interact with the images and consider the text. We are to research the topic that will support all creative decisions. The report will need to consist of 12 pages including the cover, the report may be made up by either an Annual Report from a previous year or you can make your own. Pages on the booklet must include:- In Introduction by the Chairman- Review of the Year- Services- Finance and Business- Future Plans, etc. The Report is to be made in Indesign, it cannot be made in Photoshop or Illustrator. Illustrator and Photoshop may be used to make and manipulate images. Here are some examples:

My topic to cover is the Fine Art Guild.

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