Summer Break 2018

Many people go on holiday during their summers.

I however worked. That may seem boring but this is now enabling me to do more during the year and have a choice of what I'd like to whereas last year I didn't. I had no job and therefore less money. I hate that life relies on money but everyone needs it this helps us to live as the comfort that we are used to. Many students I know are unable to save money. I am able to live on £10 a week. This is how I lived mostly last year. I did however have a hand as at the start of the terms my dad paid for a lot of cupboard food and essentials such as beans, tomatoes, curries, rice, pasta, butter and many others, so all I had to pay for was the fresh food like milk and bread. This cost just under £2. As I now have money it is harder to spend as little as possible as I have been on both sides of having bare minimum and enough to do whatever you wish. and It is nice to have a choice if you want to go out you can rater than not going because you haven't enough money. Enough about Money! While at home I did spend time with my friends. I went out for drinks with a group from my secondary school. I spent a lot of time with my amazing best friend.She stuck with me during my hard times towards the end of my secondary experience, and is still with me today while we both are struggling to get to terms with Uni. Even though we are studying at two separate Universities we are still in-touch and always there for each-other. She studies Business Law at Birmingham City and travels from home everyday. While I am in Coventry. The kind and amazing person she is, she goes out of her way to come and visit me when I have little time to go home to see her. and love her for it.

She calls me crazy and weird, and I too. and yet we laugh and are different we are unbreakable. During the Holiday I also spent time on a boat. This isn't some big fancy boat. It's a small boat fit for spending time on a river. This was only for a day as my dad didn't want to waste any time driving that he could be doing work on the garden. That day my 2nd cousin was at my Aunts as my cousin was in London with his wife and friends.The last time I saw my second cousin was when she was about 3 years old or younger, now she's... well older. They went to live in Singapore when Brexit was announced.

Another weekend I spend in Bournemouth, and for those that haven't read Nothings Wrong With a Little Dirt (a previous post), that is where my grandparents live.We went down on the Friday night and had one day there as we then set off home early the Sunday morning. When we woke up on the Saturday and had breakfast we went to my Nans' house. we spent half of the day there. My dad begrudgingly walked over to the shopping centre called Castlepoint to get us lunch. Following tradition, we had a tiger-bread sandwich filled with deli ham. And some fresh cream cakes, that I wasn't particularly happy with.That weekend I found something that upset me... my Nans' teddy bear Shih Tzu dog, of 13 years, now has one eye. After seeing him bumping into all four pairs of legs in a large room and falling over his feet I chucked and realised he was enjoying all the sympathy fuss he was getting. Sadly I have no picture of him with one eye.

That afternoon we had a relaxing time with my Gran. we talked and played games, we walked around the garden a few times, fed the fish in the pond and played with the cat. To conclude, the activity I spent most of my summer doing was working, with interludes of visiting my family. And spending time with my friends.

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