This is my final poster for Paula's module, my poster has changed drastically since my first design idea. The original idea was to incorporate both the sea and the land as it was what the blanket of Nature destruction would cover.

The Poster is now more illustrative as I felt like that is the design style I like. I like how the poster has turned out. I drew the trees on Photoshop as my usual software wasn't working. I made sure the two trees were not the same colour as the leaves would clash making it harder to define each tree as they'd seem merged into one. The larger tree is darker where the smaller tree is lighter. I find that many people don't talk about it much as it's not a positive topic to approach. Destroying Nature? It's not a topic that can be casually brought into a conversation.Even though technology is used a lot there is still a lot of paper being used.

This image is the first draft that I did that I tried to incorporate into my design idea.

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