Nothing Wrong with a Little Dirt

During the 2nd week of my 3 week Easter break I went back South to my birth place to visit my Grandparents. Meaning I went to Bournemouth to help my grandparents with whatever they needed me to do. Me, my mum and dad went to bournemouth on the Friday Night.

The Saturday though was a relatively busy day in the afternoon, in the morning it was calm I helped my Gran potter around in the garden. And at Lunch we went to Restaurant Bartolo in Wimborne. It was Amazing. If your ever in the area I suggest you go, but they're going to be doing some refurbishment for the next couple of weeks; between 4-8 weeks of work being done.

In the afternoon Dad fell asleep while me, my mum and my Gran went shopping. Sadly I didn't get anything from it.

A little while later we went to my Grandad Pops and Nans' grave, on my dads side, to lay flowers. On the Sunday I was dropped off at my -other- Nans' house for the start of the week. For the first two and a half days, I spent my time with my Nan. We mostly just laughed, watched western movies, shopped, and played with Mitchell, the dog.

The first day I was there nan was already accompanied by one of Nans granddaughters (Nan is my Mums' Step-mum), Kelly who was putting up a chest of drawers. We also saw a couple of other relatives such as Aunt Janice and Aunt Bet. Janice has a Golden retriever that has the ability to undo the Knots in Chew Toys and so we got him a huge rope toy that we hope lasted more than a couple of minutes. On Wednesday I accompanied my Nan to the hospital as she recently broke her foot slipping down some garden steps, on the Easter weekend so recently my dad had come to call her Robo-nan as its not the first time she has had to wear a cast. After what I thought would be an hour wait that only turned out to be 10 minutes, we were ready to go by the time I managed to finish the edit of an image i'd promised to sharpen for her.

After lunch I was to be picked up to spend the rest of the week with my Gran. Almost as soon as we got to her house we were out again, but this time it was not to shop or do anything mundane as shopping. We were doing some serious thinking and working out.

Meaning I was helping her get the dirt in her allotment ready to be used for vegetables, and I was thinking about random things such as the danger that the natural world is in and ways we could help. As well as, Could there be gold under America, as it would have been a while ago and if they haven't looked how do we how it might have formed in the past 100 or so years?

The second day was my favourite day. Why? We made cakes! I Enjoy making Cakes. I don't necessarily like eating them I just want to make them. This may sound weird but it allows me to think and not have to worry about what i'm doing, for example if you are doing something that you need to be focused on you can not think about the things in your like that you have to reflect on to move forward and think of ways you can complete a task without getting too stressed out.

In total we made 2 cakes and a batch of cookies. A Fruit Cake, A Victoria Sponge and Neapolitan Cookies. We also made a delicious Apple and Raspberry Crumble. On the Friday we were back in the allotment, if you were there you may of thought it was funny. I was helping my grandparents put up a tent-net type thing to keep the butterflies off the plants.

It was only for a couple of hours, so for the rest of the day me and my gran played a game of 8 ball pool on my phone. While I was there I also re-tried nuts. And I actually enjoyed them, but I found the cracking of the nuts was rather rewarding that you had to work to get what you were aiming for.

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