My Time in a Studio

Image by Fabrizio Van Marciano from Pixabay

During my summer holiday, I did some work experience. It lasted 2 weeks, but I learnt a lot. The company I worked for was called studio 4, they are a design company, they do many projects so many different companies, and I helped. As it was summer, so many of the workers went on holiday, and the studio were understaffed, that's where I came in. Matt, the owner needed the work doing, and as I was at uni, I had a basic understanding of what needed to happen or how to do it. One of the things I worked on, was a menu for a chip shop called Jones's. I was to change the prices, and add the new food options if it required adding. Unfortunately, I had to do this twice. The second day I returned to it, It wasn't the same file that I had saved it as, so I had to start again. Another thing I did was create some images for a rave group called pandemonium. The images were simple and not time consuming. I also started a project for a Golf Club named Lillishall Hall Golf Club. This project took up most of my time during the two weeks. For this project I designed: Stickers A 35 page booklet And Redesigned the house Style Other than the skills and tools I was taught to use I learnt a lot about how the industry do specific things, for example I wasn't aware of magazine proofing. By magazines proofing, I'm talking about how they do it. They use a program that allows them to see all images, body text, and other things on that page, such as page numbers, reference numbers and sources. While at the office I also learnt mundane things such as: A dog in the office can improve everyone's morale and make the office more fun and friendly, and having a ping pong table will make for friendly competition.

I learnt a lot about myself and what I should do in the future about my graphic design style. One thing I noticed is that I should be more focused on the proof reading of each document. I was also told by Matt that I need to 'let loose' my creativity and not hold back and then reign myself in after hearing the clients feedback. I really enjoyed my time working there and getting to know the industry I wish to go into after finishing my uni course. If they ever read this, I would like to thank them again for allowing me to spend my time with them, and asking them some very obvious questions.

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