A Trip to Oxford!

The visit to Oxford was educational. While there we saw many designs of the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. The architecture of both of the museums buildings and the creative exhibitions within helped us students have a better understanding of what graphic design may consist of.

The computer is not the only media that can be used for graphic design. There is other media outcomes that can be involved in design. Design is all around us and has a large part of daily life and we may not realise it. Statues for example are designed by artists that have thought and designed their project many times and have envisioned their 'masterpiece'. The Sculpture is a form of design. While at the three Museums we saw many things such as two Mummies, spears and jewellery from the ancient tribes of America as well as many animals that have been stuffed and fossilised.

While we were in oxford we undertook tasks throughout the day. In total we were to complete 14 tasks:

1. Take pictures of every window you look through.

2. Find and document/draw 2 pieces of work you really relate to or admire in the museum. Write down the reasons behind your reaction. The use of photography for this task is prohibited.

3. Find and document/draw 1 piece of work you dislike in the museum. Write down why you hate it so much and whether your feelings are justified. The use of photography for this task is prohibited.

4. Follow a fellow classmate in the museum without them noticing you for about 27 steps. 5. Invent a word.

6. Trace the movements of a pigeon.

7. Draw a map.

8. Collect 5 Things.

9. Eat something you've never eaten before.

10. Observe a piece in the museum for 10 minutes.

11. Have a 10 minute conversation you haven't talked to much yet.

12. Find and document/draw 1 piece of work you don't understand in the museum. Write down what a person who does understand it might see in it that you don't. The use of photography for this task is prohibited.

13. Document 3 architectural elements of the museum.

14. Ask a stranger for the time. Thank them politely. Reflect on their reaction.

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