I Had a Terrible Night!


According to a Mr Thomas Tierney (someone who sent me an email at 10.14 am the following day) the Internet was down from 3.30am for the whole City.

And because of this I thought about what I could do... -no I couldn't just sleep- I realise that I involve the Internet for almost everything now. I've even been forced into reading my books online.

I prefer hardback books that you can touch and turn the pages, but now i'm reading books on kindle, google and other medias. When I say forced I mean, I don't have the storage for all of the books I have at home. So in total I currently have 10 books not including the '10 tonne' dictionary that I have, and won't be reading for fun.

I believed that I didn't rely on the internet for everything, but now I do:

> Games = Avengers, Criminal Case - Save the World, Sniper X, etc...

> Talking to friends = Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc...

> Social media = Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

> Research = Coursework

> Movies = Netflix, BBC Iplayer

> And as we know Reading = Kindle, Google, Kodi, etc.

However, one thing I do do is draw. But that is also relying on technology, as I sometimes use a graphics tablet and draw it on my laptop. We in the modern era, relying too much on the internet and technology. We even incorporate it into everything. Televisions, watches, glasses, houses, and even contact lenses. iOptik is the name of such technology. 'Tech company Innovega are looking to take the idea of augmented reality one step further, with their iOptik system. The device takes the form of a contact lens, which can produce a display anywhere in the eye’s vision.' (And yes, I just used the Internet to search it).

Japan, for the last 35 years, has a toilet that actually uses technology. We can't even do our business without technology!

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