Word of the Week- New

Definition: adjective. Something produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before. or something already existing but seen, experienced, or acquired recently or now for the first time.

Something new to you may not be new to the world. It may be pre-loved and used by someone else, but you'd still consider it new. Why is that?

"Don't be afraid to try something new. They aren't all going to work, but when you find the one that does, you're going to be proud of yourself for trying." - Anonymous

Something that is second hand is also full of value and memories. Memories are not always about the good the bad, happy or sad. Their experience, it all has history. New doesn't just mean something that is untouched or brand new. being new doesn't mean unknown either, it can just be unknown to a singular person and yet it is still new.

University for example; It is new to us. Its new to those who are starting or are in university now, and yet many years before us knew about it. The University experience isn't considered 'pre-loved', but is considered new as the student will learn new things and be given new possibilities.

New things, new years, and new terms, they are all new and yes, others have experienced them before. Take New years, the UK is hours ahead of places such as Vancouver and Hawaii but is also behind Sydney and Beijing. So the countries ahead of he UKs' time may have already experienced new years as they are almost a day ahead, this makes the new year not so new. Its delayed. So if we were being technical the new year is when the time in Apia is 31st December 00:01. Apia is fourteen hours ahead of London making the actual new year at 2pm on the 31st. In actual fact even a new year isn't new, it's just new to us.

New is different to all, it could be learning or given something new, you may even do something you've never done before. its how you embrace the chance to change or create something new out of what you've been given. Whether you choose if something is brand new or new to you.Can you can enjoy an item that is new but has a history? Graphic design also has parts of history incorporated into new and modern, for example:

This is a brewing company that has been around since 2014. This logo has an older style that would be seen as vintage or retro. OLD CAN BE NEW

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