Beast from the East & Storm Emma

I hate the snow... well the snow in Coventry.I am used to having deeper snow throughout my life, having lives further south in the UK.

The 'beast' hasn't been very 'beastly' in coventry this season. This snow 'holiday' it has snowed the same as it did in December last year.

At home the snow is approximately 20 cm, thats about 7.5 inches. Yesterday I had a small 'rage' about how coventry has little snow and how light it is, and that I wish that it would be a heavy snow fall.

This is the best kind of snow, the snow that is fast and does it over night. I feel that if it is snowing heavily then it is trying, if it is light snow that starts and stops then it is not trying and that it should make up its mind, and be heavy and continuous or not at all. This would make everyones lives so much easier, it would help us determine whether or not we should leave the house. I do understand; that snow is just cold rain, but I also have the same view point on that.

If it was to rain it should do it and mean it rather than spit and then stop, then stop and then spit and repeat that for the rest of the day.

Snow may be pretty when it falls and is soft and fluffy, but the following day or the one after the snow turns to ice or slush. Either way its not pretty. People tend to under-think the aftermath of the snowfall.

Its cold, Its messy, Its Snow!

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