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Today was a busy day. I moved in, again. This year I'm staying in the same building as last year, however in a different room. Last year I was in Block B, this year I'm in Block D. My past few days have been twice as hectic. Mostly because I left my packing to the last minute.

On Monday I believed I had 3 days including Monday to pack. I moved on Wednesday. My room had to be packed by Tuesday night. But I managed to do it. On Tuesday I also had a break. I got my helix pierced. That evening my mum and I realised it would have been better to do it at the start of the summer holiday, this was because it would heal without any interference and I would be able to sleep while I'm at uni. But that didn't happen. My summer break mostly consisted of work. Every week I had at least 5 days working. This may not seem like much, but as I am a part-time student, it's a lot more than I bargained for. Although, it's not like I minded, because it can be fun. It also gave me something to do while my best friend was that her boyfriend's house. During the summer I also spent time with my grandparents in guardian Bournemouth. The first half was spent with my nan, went shopping, watched films, I went to see my great aunt Betty. The second half was spent with my gran, and we did a lot. The first day I got there I was cleaning windows, that only took us half an hour and it was for the community hall, We then went to the allotment, and came home. The second day we went to Lulworth Castle, and then shopping. That night my parents came and the next day and back to my nan's with my parents just to say “hi”. Hours later we went back to my gran's, after everyone restored their energy, we all went out for dinner with my nan. Early Sunday morning, me, my mum and my dad headed home. Moving into my new flat was easier than I expected it. Last year, I didn't know what I was doing; as I did this year everything went smoothly as it possibly could. After that, it was pretty easy to unpack, it only took the next few hours.

And I have an amazing view.

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