I'm currently working on my typography module, after listening to some of the shortcuts episodes. I have found a few lines of speech that stood out to me. A list of the episodes that includes some lines of text that I picked up on are: The space between us, Fictions, Anonymity, Mystery, Rabbit Holes and Waking. As I listened to many of the stories in the episodes my mind came up with many ideas that I could create for this module, some lines include: “and she falls down the manhole” from the space between us, “I didn't want to believe it” and “leave small clues everywhere, make a mystery” from fictions. And one of my favorites “pedestrian reality” or “pedestrian dreams” from waking. After creating a few ideas for some of the better Lines that I had picked. I went back over all of the highlights I had chosen and decided to come up with ideas for the ones that I liked but hadn't caught my attention to the extent of the others. There was only one. The episode was about anonymity. The lines I had chosen were “you' re never really anonymous” and “because I could be anyone, I Could Be Me”. I thought both of these lines connected to each other, but in the opposite way, being Anonymous online can lead to many things good and bad, but being Anonymous in person is a completely different story. In the episode the girl spoke about being Anonymous in an AA meeting, and by being whoever, she could be herself. She also spoke about the trouble she had coming to this realisation, and how much of a pain she must have been to those trying to help. When it was mentioned in the story about never being truly anonymous it made me remember a story I had once read about someone using anonymity against people. I originally couldnt find it as i had seen it a little while ago, my friend Sam helped me find it again.

The story goes like this: Someone had created a confession page for a school on Twitter that the students could text and it was immediately posted on the Twitter page, completely anonymously. It's spread really quickly and everyone knew by the second day what was going on. Some awful things are being said on it, no one was spared. No one had any clue who was running it and they wouldn't filter any messages. The school board got sick of this account and they contacted authorities to see if they can shut it down, but since it was affiliated with the school, technically, they couldn't. This went on for 4 days, just awful messages being posted about one another with no clue who was posting them (as anyone could text in). Then came the finale, which changed everything. At 8pm they would accept any direct messages and post them, any texts, and then post them all at once at midnight. Everyone was rushing to send in their texts and confessions, and approximately 100 or so went In that night. Midnight comes. Messages flood in. Then the owner posted something everyone thought was a joke saying "nothing was anonymous after all". They then posted a link with all the numbers, messages and screenshots of the direct messages that had been sent in. Causing many fights. If I was to use the story this would be the line I would go down. I often think about this story a lot, about what people think they can get away with when they think they're anonymous, Most of these things being really mean and hurtful that they wouldn't say face to face. Some ideas originally thought for other topics could be utilised in this. One of my ideas was to create art around the City using an anonymous handles, and by using coordinates or a map, the public or my lecturer would have to find it to make sense of it. Another word to create a book or book type artwork, that shows that words hurt.

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