Anonymity Book

The typography module for my third year has previously mentioned it was about anonymity. After thinking about the ways I could portray being anonymous, and its uses in the real world and online I ended up finding anonymous letters online play meant to be sent but never were. Many about love or loss or even both. I started off thinking about ways people may be hurt by love or loss by revealing such hurt may result in more loss. Although my idea was to be for my use and reference only I wanted to keep the authors of the notes intended use of anonymity in my mind. By doing so I ended up doing this as a book. The contents you going from Love through to loss meeting in the Middle with love and loss together. The contents of the book may look confusing to the naked eye, as I have used a technique called anaglyph that uses the red and blue 3D glasses. By writing in one of the two glasses colours you can obscure letters or art to show the underlying text or picture. I used this technique to write the letters in cyan and the overlapping text in magenta and yellow, by using the red lens the viewer can then read the letters underneath. This was the underlying feature of my book however the most standout parts of said book are the title page and the contents. The title page is again using the anaglyph technique, as the content of the book uses random letters to cover up the main body of the text different page uses other words and meaning of the book: “invisible”, “ love and loss”, and finally “ anonymity”. The contents page uses two pages of the book, the first page being fingerprints cut out to see the page underneath. This page took a lot of consideration to land on fingerprints, before the idea of fingerprints I had come up with three different ideas that would allow the reader to see the page underneath. The first one, and at the time my favourite, was 3D cubes that would also have a sheet of tracing paper cut out to to give the impression of a 3D cube rather than a 2D hexagon. The second idea was to use circles, or bubbles, using the play on words “invisi-bubble", after looking at the cut-out I found that the idea of bubbles was not achievable within a form of books. Because of this I then went to have a look at hexagons and how they could be used as a cut out, this was effective however has no relation to being invisible, but was a simple and easy shape to form cutouts. After thinking for a while I realised that being invisible online requires no digital fingerprints, and therefore the idea of using fingerprints was born.

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