3rd year Advantage Module 

This Wednesday I had my first lecture in my advantage module, the Student Marketing and Design Agency. When I signed up for the course I have no idea that marketing was involved. As I'm a third year student, I was delighted and to hear that I'll be a team leader, note my sarcasm - it's not that I don't like being team leader, except usually I am aware beforehand. In previous courses or modules, sometimes I'd take role as co-leader unintentionally. But I'm never usually the one calling the shots. Our lecturer Pete told us that 3rd years would be in charge second and first years would hopefully work together and create a nice well rounded marketing and design strategy.

Unfortunately, we would not know anything about the brief until the fourth week, and the work on the actual brief wouldn't start until the 5th week. But being a hands-on kind of girl, I just want to start it now, or at least come up with some ideas. So throughout the next 3 weeks, I will be listening to design and marketing strategy that I may already know. As I am a third year design student and have already worked with live clients and projects, I understand completely what I need to do. Also because of this I understand the difficulty can be working with clients. But I am fully aware that it isn't always the client at fault. On Wednesday Pete showed us an email that had been sent out by a previous student, the email was of poor content, bad spelling, grammar and punctuation, and was also very informal, not including he had asked a customer to do something of which they have no need to do. According to Pete the student had then asked why his client hadn't replied. With me being one of the very few design students in the class, I am very anxious to know who my team is and if they have any background in marketing or design. At the end of the lecture, Pete pulled all 3rd years aside to write down on names and ask any questions we had. It was a group of 9 of Us; apparently there was supposed to be 10. One of the main things that was circling my head, was what's the marking scheme, for the third years the presentation was 90% of the work, and the other 10 % was what the client thought about us. However, first and second years had it the other way round, but there was no client marking instead they had a report, they had to report everything they did and self analyse. so 90% was their report and the other 10% was the presentation. This was asked because how would our work be monitored if we were being marked on the presentation rather than the work we did? Pete explained that because we were 3rd years and have a lot of projects throughout the term, we were just to be in charge of the team, and delegate tasks to the younger years. For this I am worried, as mentioned before I'm one of the very few designers, if I was to be designing the merchandise and branding, as well as communicating with the client, sorting the schedules and meetings, all within 4 weeks there would be a lot for me to do and very little time to do it, well as with the three other large design modules. I do understand that time management is a huge part of this, as well as it being something that I would have to do in the industry, when I leave University. However usually I wouldn't have to create a whole brand from scratch, twice. Heres hoping everything goes smoothly.

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