213AAD- Digital Communications- TV Channel

My design idea was to create a channel that focused on books.

The original idea was to just show films as there are many of them, however, I realised that there are many adaptations of singular books.

Once I had the idea I needed to start on the Logo and a Name.

I really wanted to use a book opening as a main feature but the different logo ideas had to be shown if another would suit the brand.

Here is a group of logos and names that were an option to follow:

There are also many more.

After a long time coming up with names and logo ideas I then went back to my original thought of the opening book:

The gold is to mirror the old books and the pressed design that resides on books such as; Vanished Flowers and Chimes of Flanders, England's Helicon and IVVENALIS PERSIVUS.

I then created the app, the gold logo then

My poster is an interactive one, it was not originally. It was originally going to be still. The images revolved around stills of well known films. Such as The Hobbit, Harry Potter, Shawshank Redemption, Titanic etc..

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