212AAD- Annual Report & Accounts

My typography project had a late start.

I was unable to think of an idea that could include my themed topic.


My original idea was to use typography to create images that would be included in the Annual Report, however, after seeing my tutor I was told that the idea was too literal.

Another Idea was to use colours to show the theme. After realising that there is nowhere that i could go with it i moved back to my original idea.

I took a step back and realised that I wanted to create images using text.

I looked back on my research that I did at the start of the project on what is considered fine art. Some of that research consisted of the famous paintings

I started with the Girl With the Pearl Earring.

Then I followed with The Mona Lisa

Followed by Vincent Van Gogh oil painting.

Starry Night and finally The Swing.

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